Monday, October 21, 2013

Pelee Report - Oct 20 - The level of birds here!!!!


Best. Bird. Ever. 

BEFORE DAWN - I had seen a migrating Short-eared Owl, 2 Vultures, 6 Bald Eagles, 1 Sharp-shinned, 2 Coopers and 1 Harrier.... BEFORE DAWN!

To the tip!!!

I birded with Blake  for the morning hours, the Richard Carr around mid day - ALL at the point! (For some reason, I decided to stay at the tip for 5 straight hours)...

I think the main reason was because I had a hanker'in for some Violet-Green - and Tree Swallows were streaming down the point.. Couldn't find one though...

All kinds of cool birds (just no rares), Peregrine, Osprey, Eagles, Grebes, all 3 scoters, dabblers, Canvasback, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 1 juv Little Gull, Red-shouldered Hawk, lots of monarchs (two clusters), a few Dunlin flocks. It was pretty awesome to just stay still and enjoy the birds.

How could I nearly forget the Mexican Pigeon that landed beside Blake and myself?! 

After a lunch break, I decided to continue strolling. I essentially parked at the VC and walked around for 10+ hours without driving. It was awesome...

Kinglets, Creepers, WT Sparrows and YR Warblers were EVERYWHERE. I essentially ignored them and listened for unusual chip notes instead of trying to sort through them. I managed to pick out 1 Black-throated Green 1 Blackpoll and 2 Palms from the mess (along with several Blue-headed Vireos etc).

The area around DeLaurier was LOADED with birds. Chipping, White-throated and Junco's all over. I've got to be honest, I took it rather easy today but I could smell rarities lurking about...

(all pics in this post taken today and edited crummily)

Best bird of the day was a 1st winter FRANKLIN'S GULL off the east beach mid-afternoon. It was in a massive group of feeding gulls/mergs and corms. Superb looks in perfect light. Kinda made me wish I had a camera for some record shots. Ah-well...

Anyways - not much else to report. Had several Long-billed Dowitchers at Sturgeon Creek in the evening (post sundown) - but didn't count... Looking forward to an epic day tomorrow! I've got that "itch" to see some more good birds!

Not much to report on the bug-front... Lots of Monarchs at the tip were a fun sight for a tourist such as myself...

Pumped for tomorrow. Wicked SW winds in the forecast.

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