Friday, October 11, 2013

You fantastic, sweet and delicious Brown Booby

Ohh yeah... That's the good stuff...

I had an incredible time in BC - but I didn't want it to be at the expense of missing one of the craziest birds to be found in Ontario during my lifetime... Can't I just have the best of everything!?


Brown Booby Baby...

Thankfully my Dad and I were able to twitch it like a boss yesterday afternoon. I wanted to be there at dawn (originally) but I didn't really fall asleep until 3:30am after 14+ hours of travel to get home. How about we try in the afternoon instead?!

Within 30-45 minutes of arriving the bird was spotted for the first time of the day sitting on it's favourite pier (not by me) ... With virtually no wind, we were able to crank the old'e (amazing) Vortex Razor Spotting Scopes (plug plug plug) up to 60x and have really enjoyable views of it preening.

After 45-60ish minutes it flew back out into Lake Erie!

We decided to wait another two-ish hours or so and were really lucky to pick it up coming back to land from waaay out in the lake. 2-ish minutes of watching it fly around seemed surreal. It eventually settled on the lighthouse structure to spend the night. After the fact, I noticed that I forgot to take pictures of it flying - which would have looked decent - but I was too mesmerized watching it fly around... Who really cares, right?

Jim Pawlicki practically committed some indecent acts on the bird with his camera (from a boat) a few days ago anyways - if you haven't seen them - they're incredible:

But what the heck - I might as well post my best efforts (ha) on here as well. That's what blogs are for!

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