Saturday, February 4, 2012

awesome randomness

Thanks to those who have been reading/emailing/commenting on the last few posts. I'm enjoying writing them so far, and have more planned soon! But for now, I have another collection of random links.  I usually save these as "filler" for short posts, but sometimes (like now) I have such a pile of links, that they are worthy of their own post.

The gold medal however goes to Brendan Boyd who found this photograph of a Yellow-throated Warbler, apparently photographed in Windsor on Feb 1, 2012:
A really sad looking yellow-throated warbler in Windsor on apparently
Feb 1 2012. Brendan """

Check out Brendan's blog here:


Now onto the awesome random stuff!

Fireworks AND lightning? --

Another very entertaining weather post by Dr. Jeff Masters:

Some good old fashion Ontario mammals:

All jokes aside, there are some spectacular photos posted on this site:

Pine Grosbeak feeding from the hand:

I wonder where this is from?

Wild flamingo's in Florida:

Did you know that environmental groups (incl ON Nature) are suing building owners in Toronto for killing birds with fancy glass windows? --->

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