Sunday, February 12, 2012

More random stuff - I just can't get enough!

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher from 2010 on Manitoulin Island??:

I don't think this was reported to ontbirds/ebird/obrc.. anyone??


A bird that looks great for "Iceland" Iceland Gull, all the way in Duluth, MN:


I'm hooked on weather network stuff:

Bearded Seal in NL;

Green Morph Pine Siskin (low flying bird):

Winter chat in NS:



Winter weasel:


Hoary Redpoll:


A cool story on super continents:

-- I like the part that says mammalian species tend to only last 2 million years... With all the stuff we've done in the last 100 to the earth, it's hard to imagine us sticking around for any significant length of time as a species


How to flush a Snowy Owl:


Merciless!!! That owl shows none. Especially towards pet store feeder mice released by photographers!


Another pet-store feeder mouse.. But this one was "brought to the surface by the sun" apparently:


Painful memories:


All I can say is "wow" --


  1. This is getting out of hand...! LOL

  2. That STFL isn't on eBird - just did a check for valid/invalid records on Manitoulin and there are none!

  3. There was a Scissor-tailed at Lake Wolsey near Gore Bay 26 Oct-16 Nov 2010 as listed in NAB. I assume that is the bird!?

  4. I guess that's the bird Blake! I did a search of ontbirds, but I'm not sure if it was posted there...

    Thanks for the info guys !

  5. I'm willing to wager more rare birds are posted on the weathernetwork than on Ontbirds!

  6. Regarding "Another pet-store feeder mouse",

    If you look in the comments the photographer explains in detail how the mouse came to the surface.
    And I quote, "we actually invented a vibration stick that makes them come to the surface. it took 3 years to sort of perfect. the ground can't be frozen or it doesn't work. we have been fortunate this season. "

    Surpised that he can't just grow some balls and say he baited it...

  7. I know what you mean Josh... I actually don't have a problem with baiting, but (personally) get upset when someone deliberately acts like it was a wild experience... Not sure why though