Sunday, February 19, 2012

A gull background for your computer

I have been really happy with the current background on my computer, and felt the urge to share. A Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult) having a slight disagreement with a juv. Thayer's Gull... Click on the image below to view the full-sized (1400 pixel) image. You're welcome to download it onto your computer for use as the background (if you want) !

(5 gull species in here!) 

Normally I would add some sort of disclaimer saying "not for any use other than a personal background etc" - but I would probably find it pretty hilarious if someone found some sort of way to make money from a gull pic.....

Onto some regular updates:

Some more pics I've added to the "gull pages" on picasa (link on sidebar menu):

Kumlien's/Thayer's additions:

Pale Juv Kumlien's (early Feb near Dunnville)

Dark Juv Thayer's from Niagara in early Jan: 

very pale "Kumlien's" adult: Mid Feb (prly has some glaucoides in it) :

 Dark-ish Kumlien's from mid Feb:

Juv Kumlien's from mid feb:

Lesser Black-backed Gull additions:

A possible "4th basic" (4th winter) Lesser Black-backed Gull (4 pics):

 A very sharp adult (definitive basic) LBBG:

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