Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need proof that gulls are confusing?

I few days ago posted a message to the ID-frontiers listserv ( about gulls. There had been several extensive discussions recently, and I decided to post some of my own photos that showed some interesting features that were (somewhat) relevant to the discussion. The post can be read here, not that you need to read it to understand this message (just skim it):

So anyways, I wrote that jargon and sent it to the listerv. Google (and gmail) has a computer that scans the content of my emails, and provides advertisements that may be similar to what I've been talking about, to entice me to click on the ads.

It's what google does, and it's why they make billions of dollars. Super-computers notice what you're doing, and provide similar ads. There's nothing wrong with it (in my opinion)... But what happens when google's super computers try to understand an email about gulls? Well this is the ad that popped up:

2010 - - با توجه به محدودیت تعداد پذیرش زمان کوتاه است، همین امروز اقدام کنید

That's right fellow birders, never feel bad about gulls again. If google's super computers can't make sense of it, neither can we.........

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