Friday, February 24, 2012

The epic conclusion. Thayer's Week ---- Darkzilla, I am your FATHER !!!

All good things must come to an end.....

Ok maybe not the father of Darkzilla, but a really nice adult Thayer's Gull from Waterloo a several days ago. There were VERY few gulls present this visit (only about 100 standing around) including 2 Glaucous and 2 Kumliens... But gosh darn this bird really made the trip worth-while.... Let's have a look:

The prefect dark eye and pink orbital 

Black on 6 primaries! 

Very hard to "pick out" on the ground, unless you see that eye. 

The gray "tongue" on the primaries (below the white tertials), gives a Thayer's away. 

Nice patch on P5 ! 

Clean underneath.

Special thanks to this fine adult Thayer's to help end the first ever "Thayer's Week". I toyed with the idea of this adult bird being the "Father" of darkzilla (yesterday's dark Juvenile). Since "logic" would have us assume a great looking juvenile would grow into a great adult... If only we really knew...

Getting these Thayer's pics recently has returned my enthusiasm for some good old fashion gull-documentation photography... I hope you've enjoyed Thayer's week as much as I have... It's managed to get me through the work week, and it's now time to get back out gulling again!

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