Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last week in review

Some things I saw last week, in no particular order:

6 Red-tailed Hawks in the same tree (never seen that before). Hanging out near a chicken farm. The 70+ Turkey Vultures in the area were no longer in evidence. Where did they go? 

Eagle! (no significance) 

Grass is turning green along lake erie

Geese and Mallards are paired up and exploring for nest sites.. in the first week of FEB... yikes... 

A very pale Juv. Iceland Gull - hanging out with other "migrant" gulls. 

PUFI's ! 

And the winner for strange sightings:

I had a pure flock of 6 Snow Geese (2 ad, 4 juv - all "Lesser" White morphs).. In a corn field, without ANY other waterfowl present, well after sundown, maybe 100 ft off the side of the road.  I read today that a few thousand Snow Geese were seen west of Rochester, NY (Oleans County) --- so maybe they were a part of this movement? 

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