Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look and you shall receive: a freaky deaky duck

To continue the "Look and you shall recieve" series..

Part 1: half (Common X Barrow's hybrid) 

Part 2: something different (Harlequin Duck) 

Part 3: that's a goose (Ross's Goose) 

I give you Part 4: a freaky deaky duck (Leucistic Common Goldeneye)


Still hunting for that Barrow's Goldeneye on my work checklist. Here's the latest thing I've seen, that's interesting, but decidedly not a Barrow's:

A very cool bird! But not 100% exactly what I was looking for... One of these days I tell you, one of these days...


If you're looking for more reading, here's a cool news article - brought to my attention by my one and only Dad: 

I wonder how that relates to the shorebird mecca of James Bay in Ontario ?

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