Friday, February 17, 2012

Week in review

This fancy 2nd winter Glaucous Gull in a parking lot presents my week in review (random stuff I saw).

Coyotes in the mist 

I've looked at WAY too many bluebirds this winter... where's my mountain? 


the what?

The trend continues. I checked the popular snowy owl spot (Metz) and only found a single bird. For some reason, they are behaving abnormally in this "invasion". 

And the undisputed star of my week:

A stunning baby Golden Eagle. Surely one of the most spectacular birds in the world - eating deer parts in a corn field. Flew to a woodlot, then soared around and waited for us to leave (presumably so it could continue feeding).

I even had the chance to take a video:

Another week down... These are the times that get us ready for spring-migration madness in late April/May...

I'll finish this off with some good random weather network stuff:


I enjoy a good Hoary Redpoll:

a few Hornemann's in there...


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