Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another drive-by shoozting!

Just under full frame, near dusk..

Another drive-by shooting pic, from work last week. The owl wasn't going to stick around, so I had to have the lens out the window and firing before we came to a stop. A real drive-by! Tis not my favourite SEOW pic, but I'm happy with it.

Sooner or later, I'll upload it to the SEOW page on my actual website.


Anyone notice it's going to be warm this week? Anyone?

Here's the night-time LOW temperatures for Leamington later this week.... (note, LOW temperature):

Fri: 10°C
Sat: 8°C
Sun: 13°C
Mon: 11 C

Heck, we'd be giddy with that in MAY...

On a similar note, here's the daytime high's for this week in MOOSONEE:

(editors note, I don't know why this string of numbers is here, but I can't delete them)


Moosonee daytime temps:

Tues: +4
Wed: +9
Thurs: +7
Fri: +9
Sat: +9
Sun: +13 !!!!!

That's James Bay!!

It almost looks too good to be true! But hey, we'll have to keep an eye on the weather... I have to work for a few days, but after that, I may just have to get my act in order and go hunting for some super-early migrants...


  1. I smell something gooooooooooooood later this week!

  2. We've had much cooler weather in May!
    Looks like very early leafout.

  3. Brandon,

    I elect you to cover Moosonee during this heat wave, I'll cover Point Pelee. Is that reasonable?

    1. I thought you already had "your people" on the job up north?? I will be poaching Pelee birds sometime soon :)

    2. Poachers and all LLBs are banned from Point Pelee ... didn't you hear?

  4. Oh my, I've a very amateur bird nerd and I would give just about anything to see an owl in the wild. Someday hopefully. This is a gorgeous shot. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. There are sometimes some OFO field trips that target owls, and/or groups that visit the world famous (and very busy) Owl Woods on Amherst Island! .. The first time I went to the Owl Woods several years ago we ended up with 5-6 species of owl in the area.

      Good luck!