Saturday, March 10, 2012

Need some cheer up bird pics?

I know the never ending assault on gulls probably made you a little blue yesterday... Yet I also know the cure --- some unbelievably super-spectacular bird photos; featuring one of the most spectacular species on the planet....

Barb Charlton gave me permission to mess around with two of her GYRFALCON (dark morph) photos from Netitishi Point last November. (re-sized, added her name/copyright) and share them on the blog. Without further adieu:

This was the super-massive dark morph juvenile Gyr (female) that graced us with a few visits. Barb got these awesome pics as she took a rest on the "gyr pole" I had set up on site back in August!!! But I was unfortunately waaay up the beach and never saw her sitting here...

I haven't seen tooo many Gyr's (11), and this was my lifer dark-morph... But she really seems mega-dark... The first time I saw her, I thought she was a raven... Size is hard to tell in the photo, but the "tree trunk" she is sitting on is really big.

Many thanks to Barb!!!


For those who may have not heard about our trip to Netitishi Point on James Bay (Barb, Ken & Mike Burrell and myself), 99% of it is explained in this educational video:

Here's actually a never before released pic of the team from the Moosonee Airport:

(also thanks to Barb)... I can't wait to get back up there !

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