Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life handed us a paycheck, we said, "We worked harder than this!"

Random random stuff... Random stuff Z!

Spectacular bird photo'd by Bill Rudden (in MO) - called a Blue-winged X Green-winged Teal.. CRAZY:


Moose River in Moosonee --- record early break up?

-- the video's are very cool


Ebird stats:

--- My Ontario year list in 2012 to Mar 29: 136 species.. In 2011 it was 131 (i ended with 301)

--- I'm pretty sure I was #1 (or darn close) on ebird at this time last year.. Now I'm 8th! Crazy...

Ebird total for 2012: 197 species... 2011 was 165  .. (although I still don't think these stats are totally accurate) -- it still tells the story of 2012 so far!


Vortex Update: I'm hearing rumours that the new Vortex Razor binoculars will start arriving sometime mid-year... I will be very excited to hopefully get the chance to provide some feedback on how they work :)

I'm still loving my Vortex Razor spotting scope.. I don't really know what else to say about it.. If you're looking for a scope, it is (by far) the best value for your money (in my humble opinion). Read more here:

Heck, never mind how awesome the scope is.... The warranty alone is amazing:

Quote from the website: Repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at NO CHARGE to you. It doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

That's crazy. And awesome!


Spectacular spectacular photo by Mike Dazenbaker:

Far and away one of my favourite photographers... I sense this as a theme for a future blog post.

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