Saturday, March 3, 2012

I loves me some hybreeds

Yes, I went back to look at gulls today :)

There was only one problem - no gulls... At least, none present at the easily accessible locations. For the first time in several visits, I did not find Darkzilla or Chocolate Milk... In fact, I only had 1 Thayer's (a distant adult - no pics) - down from 4 yesterday!

The good news. In the small flock of gulls I did locate, I managed to get some "record photos" of both hybrids I found yesterday.

Here's some (poor) pics of the 3rd winter Herring X Great Black-backed Gull:

Big and GBBG-ish, but the mantle is too pale 

3rd winter/basic immaturity 

pics taken through the car window - turned out pretty blurry... 

And the "other" hybrid - an adult Herring X Glaucous Gull (aka Nelson's Gull):

pale-ish mantle, Kumlien's Iceland Gull like wingtip pattern 

but behemoth stature like a Glaucous  

short wings.. odd pattern of white in the primar tips 

Not bad for a very slow day. The good news is I can do my shopping/banking/groceries in the nearby plaza! So I can still be somewhat productive while going to look at gulls :)


Now the serious problem is that Heermann's Gull found by the bird-finding-machine known as Mark Gawn in Ottawa today.... Will it stick around? Will it stick around for more than one day (eg,/ Saturday-sunday only)?? 

I really want to see this bird.... Big time... I don't know if I'll do a preemptive twitch (eg,/ leave early tomorrow regardless of status).. Wait for a positive report tomorrow morning, then drive like a monkey possessed to get there pre-dark... Or wait for a positive report Sunday and try for it on Monday.....

Or just cry if it isn't seen again.... What to do?! What to do!?

--- and many thanks to Josh Vandermulen for pointing out that yesterday I stated that March is the worst month for mega-rarities.....


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