Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zen trip

I'm going away (Pelee), for a few days (4-5). I'm sorry for any outstanding emails or projects etc. Will respond sometime when I get back!


  1. Bro, tell me if this is real?

    "Great Gray Owl - 2012-03-15 07:40 - 418 North Talbot Road, Kingsville map not yet reviewed "

  2. Fred,

    I know nothing. I have had 5-6 similar reports all winter from all over Essex County, by non-birders. Bird needs to be seen again to be considered real.

  3. Bass Island, March 16 - March 16 - Tom Bartlett

    1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
    1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

    These are real. Thanks Alan.

  4. Of course that is Ohio, not Ontario!

    I think tomorrow will be a good day for a gnatcatcher!