Monday, March 19, 2012

Extreme heat

I still haven't written down my highlights from Pelee... Will do that soon.. Long day in the office...

But here's a nice long read from Jeff Master's about this INSANE heat we've been experiencing:


Some early things I've noticed:

--- This is HIGH pressure, meaning it is keeping the birds down.... (light winds = harder to fly)

--- given the non-stop record-breaking heat we've had, there are VERY few "record early" birds being reported (considering the circumstances).

------ This is telling me somethings...... I think that the birds that are READY to fly north (eg./ Song Sparrows & Phoebe's) have done so in MASSIVE numbers... It seems like every single Song Sparrow in southern Ontario is back on territory...

------ the birds that are NOT READY (biologically or whatever) to be here at this time of year, are CHOOSING to stay south..... Why no Barn Swallows? They are powerful fliers, and there is surely enough bugs to get them fat and ready... (I was eaten ALIVE by MOSQUITO'S today)

----- therefore the typical notion that LOW pressure + strong winds literately SUCKS birds up from the south and brings them beyond their expected arrival destination (yet in very LOW numbers/// isolated individuals who got messed up).

Anyways just some ramblings.. Although I'll wait and see how things shake out by the end of the week........


Very much around 


  1. Barn Swallows and Louisiana Waterthrushes are in
    Southern Ohio/Tennessee.

  2. 4 species of warbler in northern Ohio. They are coming.

    1. Slowly but surely !

      The weather is saying N or NE/E for days now.... Should be interesting.

  3. I tried hard for a Louisi at Pelee luck. Its hard to find anything with the hundreds of GCKIs in the way!

    1. Good luck with the LOWA search... I heard you had a Spring Azure today, which is pretty sweet! Keep adding birds to that year list as well!