Monday, March 12, 2012

Worthy of it's own post! Tornado

A link to some incredible camera footage (security cameras) from the recent Tornado hit in West Liberty, Kentucky several days ago:

The video is so crazy, I thought I'd give it its own post!


Some blog postings by Jeff Masters on the outbreak... More information/video/pictures from the storm outbreak:




I've always been fascinated by extreme weather, and have tried to be out birding here in Ontario pretty much whenever something unique is happening. I've probably been out on the warmest, coldest and windiest days we've had in Ontario in the last 7-8 years...

Not that I want to bird near Tornadoes mind you, but some day I'm going to have to go south for the chance to observe them!

Greater Scaup covered in ice 


Only a few recent weather network photo highlights for extra filler:

A. Three-toed Woodpecker. A real beauty:

The few I've seen in Ontario at Netitishi Point seem to have less white on the back than this bird. (and others i've seen photo'd)


Fox Sparrow in Deep River, ON in Feb:



  1. I've always liked this Greater Scaup photo, it's something different. Not bad for a "pigeon" photographer hahaha!!





    1. hahaha... I hadn't seen that... pretty funny stuff