Sunday, January 26, 2014

2013 OBRC report jazz!

Barb Charlton and I are busy working away on materials for the 2013 Ontario Bird Records Committee report - and I've got to say, I'm pretty happy with how things are looking....

We're pretty much set for documentation - so that's not what I'm going to harass you about!

What this is a call for - is corrections to past reports!!! - ever have something of yours go missing? Ever have a record that was published incorrectly??

I know I have...

Good news though - I'm writing the report for 2013!!! Which means, if you email me (to with any corrections (or even just beefs with anything to do with your record) - I can propose the change to the committee at some point over the next few months - and corrections will be published at the end of the 2013 report when it comes out later this year (hopefully August!)

Here are some samples of my own problemo's from the past - (to get you started) -

2007 Report (Ontario Birds 26:82-107)

· Under Henslow’s Sparrow, 12 May, Point Pelee National Park, change “(Eric W. Holden, also found by Brandon R. Holden)” to “(Brandon R. Holden, Eric W. Holden)”

Or this one... 

2002 Report (Ontario Birds 21:54-76)

· Under Henslow’s Sparrow, add “also found by Eric W. Holden, Susan K. Holden” after “(Brandon R. Holden)

Anyways - send me a line if you have anything (at all -- names, dates, plumages, missing info etc) to suggest! ( !!!

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