Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photoshooooooooottt - random Hamilton birds

This Ring-billed Gull pulled off an awesome "photo-bomb" -when it flew directly in front of my lens (when trying to photograph a flyby Cormorant) this fall... Somehow the focus locked on it, and I actually enjoyed the end result enough to put it online. I wasn't even aiming at this bird!

Not only that, but I then manged to still get an OK pic of the cormorant -


A walk around the RBG trials on x-mas day with my parents yielded a few "ok" photos as well. Up first - White-throated Sparrow! - 

Then it was some attempts at the hardest freakin bird in Ontario to photograph! Chickadees!  -

Not great, but better than the other junk I had online for this species.. 

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