Friday, January 17, 2014

Weazza Network Photos!

What do you think of the new header??

I've decided the "weather network" should change their name to the "weazza network" - it would attract more viewers (and possibly the targeted younger demographic) -and they do a terrible job with the "weather" side of their programing anyways... It's a "win win" !

I was bored recently and did my semi-regular search of the online photos... Here are some goodies I found -


Nice catch -

Not really snow's... Not really geese... Not really wild even -

OMG - beauty of a Goshawk - jeepers - (juv female!) ... It was probably wondering if it could eat the owl -

The presqu'ile Laughing Gull -

What the heck is this - a Cuban Kestrel??? Was it taken in Brighton??



If you aren't using ebird, you should be.......

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