Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby

It dun gon got cold out der 'gain!


An Arctic airmass has settled over Southern Ontario. The combination of cold temperatures and moderate northwesterly winds is expected to produce wind chill values minus 30 or colder. Areas east of a line from Port Carling through Haliburton and Kaladar to Brockville - Leeds and Grenville wind chill values could reach minus 35 or colder.

wind chill warning


That's what I like to see! Why? Because I'm crazy and I enjoy the cold weather :)

It looks like we may be in for a few more weeks of "cold air blasts" as well... As usual, I've been keeping tabs on the ice cover around the Great Lakes - and it looks like a fair bit survived our recent "warm spell".

This snap will not be as cold as the last, but the winds may also be quite a bit lighter which may aid in the formation of ice... Time will tell!


Someone who will enjoy the ice: 

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