Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lightbox Away ! - Wigeon Diving?!

Lightbox is the name of the "viewer" that allows you to view blog post photos. (When you click on the photo - "lightbox" opens)... Last year I tried to show off a Herring Gull diving for a perch, and lighbox crashed the day I posted it..

Maybe this year it will allow me to show off this Wigeon diving underwater???

I noticed dozens of AMWI doing this in a small pond just outside (or just inside) Stanley Park... I've seen several species of "puddle duck" dive - but not in this magnitude... I decided to try and capture an entire dive - and 5 mins later I managed this series...

Looks like he uses his feet for a powerful up-kick, then a quick pulse of the wings as he's going under... Kinda cool given that "diving" ducks don't use their wings... (Seaducks like Long-tails, Scoters and Eiders use their wings - as do alcids)...

Anyways - hope it works.. Scroll through quickly to see the action !

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