Saturday, January 25, 2014

Horn-tooting! Again!

I told ya I may bust out a few more of these as blog-filler...

Peterson Reference Guide to Seawatching : Eastern Waterbirds in Flight

A guide that teaches birders how to effectively identify eastern waterbirds in flight using a method of identification that emphasizes birds' structure, behavior, and overall color.


I've been pretty lucky to get several images in the book - no small feat given how difficult I was to deal with for the authors... I typically had some sort of situation unfold where they would email me in late April... I'd then reply in late July... They'd reply in early August - and I'd reply in early December... What a pain!

I also tend to keep a fairly small collection of images... I enjoy high quality files - which means I end up deleting distant flocks of ducks. But the WHOLE BOOK is about identifying birds in that type of situation - so I wasn't really able to help that much with the grand theme...

What I DID do was provide some "glamour shots" here and there though - which I'm pretty proud of... Some, like this Kumlien's Iceland Gull (below) are used as the "title image" for the species account....

(pg 414)

Others, like this Parasitic Jaeger/Forster's Tern combo (below) were used at the end of the species account to provide some flair (at least, I'm assuming that was the goal)... 

(pg 377)

In the end, it's one of those awesome bird books that I would highly recommend to any avid birders (a "must have"), and I couldn't resit the urge to share a bit about some photos I was fortunate to have included. In fact, pages 456 and 457 are a two-page spread of one of my photographs - probably one of the most exciting images of mine I have ever seen printed. Woot!

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