Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Condo birding update - Dec 27 to Jan 7 - more Cackle, more Kings!

Window view! Several weeks old... Looks colder these days...

Dec 27th - an adult Iceland Gull and a Common Loon provided the days highlights (on limited time watching).

Dec 30th - a young (and very cold-looking) Double-crested Cormorant was the bird of the day (early in the am)... NOT the species I wanted...

Dec 31st - ANOTHER Cackling Goose?! I went a year without one, now I have 2 in two weeks... Crazy man.. Crazy... It was loafing just offshore for a while this morning.

Find the Cackler! 

Jan 1st - a Glaucous Gull was noted! Happy New Year

Jan 2nd - BIG storm  - but where's teh birds?! I did see a Glaucous, but snow, big waves and a heavy fog/steam was pouring in off the water hampering visibility... Sweet storm though!

Goldeneye over a very angry Lake Ontario - strong NE winds and snow! 

Jan 3rd - dang it's cold out der! Ice was packed along the shoreline... Bird of the day was a young Bald Eagle... May have had a distant King Eider on the water but I couldn't confirm... Once again the scenery was better than the birds!

I had a few groups of Scoters (and other ducks) flying up really high today - looking like they were thinking about leaving the lake and heading further south... Who can blame them with this weather??? (I sure didn't see that behaviour at all last winter)...

Frosty Goldeneye flying over an icy (and steaming) Lake Ontario 

Geese wondering where they're going to spend the night... 

Jan 5th - King Eider (lady) returned to provide some decent views... In the evening, a decent NE wind was blowing and a number of gulls were moving right along the shoreline as they headed out to roost. I managed to pick out a Nelson's Gull (HerringXGlaucous hybrid) (2nd winter), 1 pure Glaucous Gull, and 1 Kumlien's Iceland Gulls (adult, juv) in the fading light...

Jan 6th - another Bald Eagle was a bit of a highlight before heading out to work!!! Another Glaucous as well.

Jan 7th - the lake is icing up on wicked SW winds... Pretty cool sight... Steaming away as well...  The Scaup/Mergs&Goldeney are covered in ice!

The winds blowing between the two buildings are keeping a an area of water totally ice free - but its due to the wicked gusts that are shooting down into the area. Some ducks are hanging out there, but it really doesn't look pleasant... Around 11am one of the female King Eiders has arrived and is diving! Nice views in the sun...

RB Mergansicles from early on the 7th... Even the wicked offshore winds couldn't keep the ice from forming overnight. 

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