Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forecast map for May the 3... Suddenly the May 1-4th looks crazy... Specifically the 2nd and the 3rd...  We're still 4-5 days away, so in another day or two we should have a really good idea of how this front will pan out... 

But as of right now, it's looking like one of those weather events (given the time of year) that you should start "getting sick" now for... Tell your boss you have surgery for that inoperable brain tumour on Wednesday, but you should be all healed up 2-3 days later... 

Oh the glory that awaits


A little ID fun if you're bored, the last bug I posted on here got an instant reply from Michael Butler and Don Sutherland (thanks guys), so I figured it wouldn't help to try again. A co-worker photographed this beast in central Ontario recently, and I guessed it was a Sphinx Moth caterpillar? But I'm not sure on that, and even still, if it was, I wouldn't know the species... So here it is! Any takers?


Slowly puttering my way to Pelee today... Figured I should give myself a few days of zen-like preparation before the first mega-wave of the season... Will hopefully be able to post some updates here!

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  1. As long as it is good by next Saturday when I start my ten days off!