Thursday, April 12, 2012

No birds is new birds

I don't have anything bird related for today - so why not more weather? Things are looking wonderfully stormy for the next several days.

On Thursday/Friday - I'll be currious to see what sort of flight the Beamer hawkwatch gets.. Friday might be a decent day.. Or maybe a huge dud... It's hard to predict when there isn't a major weather shift - but I think it'll be good.

Saturday/Sunday - is when the warm front passes over Ontario.. Again, "big days" in the spring are hard to predict, but if the stars line up properly, it could be a wonderful wave of new spring migrants to keep us entertained until late April/May arrives.

Monday/Tuesday - a new LOW pressure system should rip right through the very bottom of southern Ontario... Strong east winds, rain etc. Should be fun, but maybe too inhibiting for much bird movement. Hard to say... I'm always quite fond of E or NE winds (anywhere) for a good birding day.


My new favourite weather maps: 3-7 day surface forecasts from NOAA:

This has been floating around the internet since it first surfaced a few weeks ago, but if you haven't seen it, a fun new wind map for the USA:

--- gives you a pretty good visual on the strong southerly flow coming our way...


And as our weekend front/system takes shape in the USA, it is already showing some signs of some pretty good power... Just for fun, here's some videos of a MASSIVE hailstorm in Texas yesterday:

(rumour has it they got 2-4 FEET of hail)!

Where the big storms are gonna be:

(not sure if this map is going to "auto update" to a new time frame like the last one did.......) 

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