Tuesday, April 3, 2012

second OBRC report of the year

My second ORBC report of the year for my pure Common Teal at Hillman Marsh back on Mar 28th... I did something a little different this time, where I took an audio/video recording of the situation within minutes of first studying the bird.

*Disclaimer - this isn't very exciting, but perhaps pretty accurate documentation of the events/weather etc

When I was back home the next evening, I produced a sketch at my work office (about 22 hours later):

Again, not 100% great considering I was using pens/markers/highlighters at the office  (rather than something useful like pencil crayons)...

I'm a HUGE advocate of sketching your rarities, yet at the same time, I wonder how useful a sketch like this is??? I did it ~22 hours later, and clearly produced a sketch that looks just like a Common Teal... Mind you the bird I saw was a perfect Common Teal, but what happens when you have people who look at the field guides a lot, then their memory of the bird is blurred with the images in  the guide - and they end up sketching more of what was in the guide - than what they saw in the field?

May sound pretty strange on my part - having questions about this - but the mind can do some crazy things... Anyways, enough about this!

What do you think? Audio/visual documentation of events/weather/location etc better than hand written reports or field notes?? Worse??

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