Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wet Stern Grebe

Another spectacular find by Rob Dobos today. My parents and I were going out for dinner, so why not go look for the WEGR on the way?  It gave a great show, and we decided to eat at Baranga's (just up the beach) since it was convenient.

While eating dinner, the Western Grebe even obliged us by swimming past the windows twice! And not very far offshore!

A fun picture of the WEGR (bottom left) with my future residence in the background!


Many thanks to Tim and Adam who made a comment on the ugly gull from Wheatley. Thanks to Adam, I actually noticed that there wasn't much in the way of photos showing the upperside of the tail, so I put these new ones on...

Tim posted some pictures of a remarkably similar-ish beast from Michigan.. Here's a link to one pic:

Would be pretty interesting to know what they are. I think the dark bill on both birds is a SURE sign that they aren't pure Herring Gulls, but unfortunately you would never be positive of an ID.... Unless someone wants to collect one :)

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  1. Man you're gonna get some decent yard birds there...