Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pelee Dreamin

Took these pics on my last visit to Point Pelee in March... Had a bit of a "dreamy" feeling to them, and since I'm dying to get back out there, I thought it would be acceptable blog material. They are not "photoshop'ed" to look this way (FYI).... 


On a slightly related note, during my March visit, I couldn't help but notice the CRAZY controlled burn that was conducted at Pelee in Mid March... I heard that they closed down the southern part of the part for two days while the fires raged..... 

Here's Alan Wormington surveying the damage:

Isn't it great when out tax dollars/park entry fees' go to someones highschool-level science project inside the national park? (Don't get me wrong, I'm sure a bunch of the stuff they cleared will be good birding areas, but the burn was pretty funny)


  1. I thought some those 'burns' looked pretty useless!
    Sure was a lot of chainsaw activity this spring!

  2. The days that the park was closed just happened to be when I went down to Pelee in March. Figures...