Sunday, April 22, 2012

More pelee time!

Ebird fun stat:

By Apr 20, 2011 - there was 207 species reported in Ontario on ebird!

By Apr 20, 2012 - there was 248 species reported in Ontario on ebird!

Insane in the membrane..


Here's my "Pelee Warbler" image that you can download and use as the background of your computer, just to help get you more excited about the ensuing flood of birds. (click and download) This is last years.. I tried to make a 2012 version, but wasn't happy with how it looked - so here's 2011 again. We'll see what happens next year!


Slaty-backed Gull at wheatley 

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  1. I'll bite! But only as much as to offer these photos from MI:

    Tim Baerwald