Monday, April 9, 2012

When's the next pulse happening???

Spent the day at Beamer with my Dad (on Apr 7th).. and it was slow. High pressure, light winds... We didn't turn up too much of note (expected Vultures/Red-tails, Sharpies in low numbers... A few Osprey.. A Barn Swallow.. I also missed a Purple Martin)......

So what's next? Well since this is a weather blog, lets take a look:

Here's the long range for Burlington, ON:

Looks like a major bump back into the warmth for Sunday/Monday... I wonder what the severe weather outlook has in store?

Yup... A solid chance for some severe weather outbreaks (tornadoes/hail) in the central USA for day's 5 and 7 (Friday-Monday time frame)......... 

These Tornado outbreaks are caused by a few things, but to us, it means that there is a strong front... Warm southerly flow ahead, cold front behind, with decent winds.... It's the leading edge of these things that are pretty darn good at turning up rarities in our area. 


Last year, in April 25-28th, a MAJOR MAJOR outbreak occured in the usa, with over 300 Tornadoes confirmed in the USA over that time frame.... Ken Burrell and I also found a Glossy Ibis, Yellow-throated Warbler, Eared Grebe, Summer Tanager (adult male) and an adult Laughing Gull on Pelee Island... In 24 hours... right around the same time.......

May 3-11, 2003 had 400 tornado reports (wikipedia)... And here's what was seen at Pelee:

May 4: White-faced Ibis 
May 5: Mississippi Kite
May 7: Hermit Warbler
May 8: Lark Sparrow
May 10: Common Eider
May 12: Fish Crow
May 13: Mississippi Kite
May 13: Little Blue Heron

Not to mention a few other goodies around Ontario like 2 E. Collared Doves, another Hermit Warbler (Bruce), Virginia's Warbler (Port Lambton), and a not-accepted report of Red-faced Warbler from Burlington (makes you think about that one for an extra second now, doesn't it.......)


So to make a long story short... This weekend (and into Monday + Tuesday) should see a new solid pulse of migrants + a sprinkle of vagrants for all of us to find.. It still isn't "prime time".. but it will be better than it has been for the last week or two...

Some predictions from me (that a select few of these may show up):

Piping Plover
Swainson's Hawk
Eared Grebes
Kentucky Warbler
Black-necked Stilt
Laughing Gull
Eurasian Wigeon
Little Blue Heron
American White Pelican
Lark Sparrow

that is, of course, if the weather forecast holds true... 

An Ontario bird for me.. so... fingers crossed... 


  1. I should make a note that this is going to be a pretty minor event compared to what I listed above, but still some new birds. Should be fun!

  2. I can't concentrate at work lol, i'm getting all hopped up on spring shit

  3. Lesser Goldfinch in Pennsylvania today - that'd be a cool one...

    1. Would be extremely well received by me, that's for sure !